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Dubas Engineering has, over the years, provided our firm with confident, professional, cost efficient and reliable advice on a number of building restoration projects. Their specifications have always been precise and complete, their on site management superior, and their working relationship with the contractors has always ensured projects which are completed without delays, within budget, and to our client’s expectations. Most importantly, their understanding of a client’s need and their ability to meet these needs and to convey them to all members of the construction team gives the client an unparalleled sense of comfort during a very stressful period in the history of a building.

- J.P. Daem - President, Strataco Management Ltd.

Bumen Architecture Code Consulting has worked as a Certified Professional with Dubas Engineering Inc. on several projects in the past. Dubas Engineering’s knowledgeable Building Science Consultants and high level of professionalism prove their dedication to making clients satisfied with the work being performed. Dubas Engineering Inc. also makes sure clients are well informed and up to date on the status of the project as well as being in constant communication with the contractors to make sure the job is being performed as per design. We have recommended Dubas Engineering as a consultant in the past and would recommend Dubas Engineering Inc. again to anyone in need of building envelope consulting services

- Jean Bumen, CP Bumen Architecture & Code Consulting Inc.

For approximately three years, this property management company has been assisting condominium homeowners deal with severe water ingress problems costing millions of dollars in construction costs, professional engineers’ fees, lawyers’ fees, taxes, etc. This company has an opportunity to retain the services of many building envelope professionals (engineers) over the years, and has found Dubas Engineering Inc. an excellent choice as the building envelope professional. The property managers and staff at Gateway North International have found all of the engineers and technical staff at Dubas Engineering Inc. to be knowledgeable, conscientious and accurate in their dealings with our firm as well as with owners, contractors and others that they deal with. According to several warranty underwriters, I have been advised that on a scale of one to ten, this group of professional rate at least a nine. I, on behalf of Gateway North International, have no hesitation recommending Dubas Engineering Inc. as a good choice as a building envelope specialist

- John P. Gorman, B.A., LL.B. Vice-President, Gateway North International Property Management Inc.

Please accept our thanks and congratulations for the very fine service that you have provided again on our most recent project, the Belvedere Care Centre in Coquitlam. I want to particularly commend Elizabeth Pytlewski, as the project manager representing your firm, for her diligence and professional service. We look forward to working with you on our next project.

- Robert H. Isaac Renton, Isaac-Renton Architects Inc.

Luckily we had the good fortune of working with friendly, skilled professionals who made it as painless as possible. Michael Cunningham was our main contact from Dubas Engineering, and he was present and reliable every step of the way. He chaired our bi-weekly meetings with representatives from BC Housing and the various contractors. He ensured that everyone communicated clearly about what was happening, kept a detailed timeline of the project, and kept us moving steadily towards our goal. Michael did an excellent job of communicating the construction progress in layman's terms, which I would then communicate easily with other members of our building. At any given time, he was always no more that a phone call or email away, and was happy to answer my numerous questions and concerns.

I could not have asked to work with a better team on this project, and now I live in a beautifully renovated building thanks to their hard work and commitment.

- Carmen Yamashita - Project Liaison, Sunrise Housing Co-operative

The overall experience with Dubas was great and the result of their hard work is visible for all to see. After 2.5 years we have great buildings that are envy of the neighbourhood. We are proud of this achievement and thankful to our consultant that helped us achieve this milestone.

I would recommend Dubas to everybody that need this type of service based on the great professionalism and excellent work ethic, making us proud of our new home.

- Kris Kirov - Liaison/Maintenance Director, Westminster Landing Housing Co-operative